Welcome to The Round Table #29P2YG North American top 20 Clash Royale clan. We are a thriving veteran clan with multiple dedicated leaders and core members who have been together for over five years. We are structured, organized and driven to ascend to a 5k+ clan war score. Despite our business-like mentality, we realize its just a game and there will never be any negativity forced on any player unless they break our cardinal rules. Don't forget to join us on discord!

Ongoing Challenge: Score a perfect score in any war week and I'll pay you $$! A perfect score is scoreing 900 points a day for 4 days of the war week for a total of 3600 points. Ask for details in clan chat!




Everyone is expected to participate every war day and complete all four matches per day. This rule does not apply to training days (training days are not manditory).

If you miss a war day as a member you will be removed from the clan unless you notify the clan before hand in game chat, discord or by e-mailing a clan leader.

If you miss a war day as an elder you will be demoted to a member and encouraged to participate in the next war.

Only attack ships if instructed by a lead role.

Elder: Participate in one full war effort, start to finish, without missing a war day. We don’t care if you win or lose if you try. Elders do not have the authority to kick a member.

Co-leader: Co leader is to be regarded the same as the clan leader. They have all the power and free will to manage the clan as they see fit. To achieve Co-leader status, you must show lengthy dedication to the clan and its war effort. You must be level 14 and online multiple times a day. You must be helpful in chat to new members seeking advice. You must carefully enforce the above rules.

Feel free to post emotes in clan chat but please do not spam over several pages. Multiple page spam may cause people to miss relevant chat. You will be provided a friendly warning but if it continues after the warning, you may be demoted depending on the circumstances.

We observe freedom of speech but any attack on a team member will not be tolerated.

Clan Roster

Tag Name Exp.Level
1. #JVQY2L8
2. #YVGP8J0 14
3. #2V029P02 14
4. #9YYPLGYQ 14
5. #YP2QJUYUG 13
6. #JUJGG02 14
7. #20L20UYYC 14
8. #98JVPC8J 14
10. #PG0QQULP 14
11. #2JV082R0 14
12. #9CVCJGGJ 13
13. #PYQL8LP8C 14
14. #VJ8QV9P9 14
15. #2G020CVLV 14
16. #9V9VRRR9 12
17. #9URYP820L 13
18. #J9Y899JUV 13
19. #YPPL0UG8V 12
20. #8G9U29V2 14
21. #8Y9CQ0GVQ 14
22. #2YPCQPGCC 14
23. #PYQL8LP8C 14
24. #8CRCLRR9 14
25. #GYC2RL8R2 13
26. #RYYY2QCR 13
27. #88R9J0LR 14
28. #P8GJGP8R2 12
39. #9R9LV0P 14
30. #LQR09PLP 14
31. #2GUPYRGVY 12
32. #2RY0QJP9 14
33. #J09UGVYPQ 12
34. #C0GQ9CLYL 9
35. #JJ9VQ8LJ2 11
36. #GCCVQ20YQ 10
37. #LUVPCPL8V 9
38. #JUGJYURJ8 8
39. #J82QG9G0R 13
40. #Q9P8YCC98 14
41. #9VLUUUR0 13
42. #PJVYY80 14
43. #8JP80R2C 14
44. #9RGPGLPP9 14
45. #20C8R9LLC 13
Please speak up if in the clan or clan webmail if an update to the roster is needed.

Want your own Round Table email?

You can reach our members via name@theroundtablecr.com. If you want an email account, simply send an email to ubnt with your in-game name and preferred password. Once you recieve your confirmation email, you can log in using webmail or download the Titan email app on iOS and Andriod. It has never been easier to stay in touch with your clan mates!

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